Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Luxembourg Luxembourg

Poised at the edge of two steep gorges, Luxembourg is one of the most physically dramatic capitals in Europe. The country’s rolling landscapes penetrate the city, and medieval walls and spires share the skyline with prosperous international banks and office complexes. The city’s most impressive sight is the Bock, the oldest part of the town fortress. A masterwork of tunnels and storerooms. From the entrance explore its corkscrew staircases and catch tremendous views through the loopholes. The streets nearby are the oldest in town. St-Michael’s Church has stones laid in 987. The earliest section of the façade of the Grand Ducal Palace is a magnificent example of the Spanish Renaissance style. When you tire of the crowded old city, head for parks along the shaded River Pétrusse or, for a change of pace, visit the Portuguese and Italian quarter in the Alzette ravine. You can hear guitars, bands, and choirs in the evening at place d’Armes.
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Luxembourg (LUX)
Points of interest
  • Fort Thüngen
  • Neumünster Abbey
  • Dommeldange
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